Fire Protection Products


Portable Fire Equipment

You can rely on Firewatch SA to provide a wide variety of portable fire extinguishers for your business and home, including a full range of:

  • Dry Chemical Powders (ABE)
  • Foam (AFFF)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Wet chemical (WC); and
  • Water (AW)

Remember also that extinguisher use will vary depending on the situation and application required. Refer to our handy guide that details each type of fire extinguisher and its intended use or contact us for a site inspection and advice.

We can supply equipment to your business directly, or one of our friendly experienced staff can visit your site to audit, supply and install the right equipment specifically suited to your business, WHS regulations and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Additionally, we also stock cover bags, extinguisher cabinets, emergency information boxes, an extensive range of signage for fire equipment, plus all worksite safety options.


Portable Fire Extinguisher Hire


Do you have a trade caravan, market stall, or a community POP UP event happening anytime soon? Firewatch SA hires extinguishers on a day rate basis to help you with your short-term event. This handy loan option takes away the need to be concerned with maintenance regimes and testing when they don’t need to be used.


Bushfire Ready & Safety Equipment

How prepared is your business or home for a fire or a bushfire? We sell firefighting pumps, 36 and 50 metre hose reels, hose reel covers, 16L knapsacks and replaceable parts, water extinguishers, nozzles, lay flat hoses, fire-rated apparel, boots, woollen socks, masks, fire goggles, heat aids, LED torches and woollen blankets to wrap and roll. We also sell fire-proof Firewatch SA “Bunka Carry Bags” packed with all the essentials for, god forbid, an emergency – great for homes, sheds, cars and caravans in ready for a “go” evacuation plan.


Fire Blankets


An essential in just about every business and home, a fire blanket is of a piece of non-flammable fabric (usually woven glass fibre) that can be used to smother a small fire or wrap around a person whose clothing is alight. To be useful, a fire blanket should be easily and quickly accessible. Firewatch SA have a range of different size fire blankets available to suit your home, farm, business or specific industry.


Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm can be the first warning of a fire in your home. In fact, if you’re asleep, a working smoke alarm can save lives by alerting you and your family to quickly leave the premises if there’s a fire.

All homes in South Australia must now be fitted with a working smoke alarm with homeowners and residential landlords responsible for ensuring a working smoke alarm is installed in the dwelling.

At Firewatch SA, we stock both 10-year lithium battery smoke alarms and hard-wired smoke alarms. Our on-site technician is available for testing and, if required, replacing old units.

The life of a smoke detector powered by a nine-volt battery is 10 years and you should change the batteries at least once a year (usually when you adjust your clock for daylight saving).


Work Wear / Safety Wear

In the hills, Firewatch SA is the place to go for a complete range of competitively priced tradesperson clothing and essential safety gear for dry and wet weather. We always stock Hi-Viz shirts, protective clothing, long-pants, shorts, safety boots, steel capped rubber safety boots, hard hats, gloves and masks. And if we don’t have your size, we will happily order it in for you.


Hazardous Spill Kits

If there’s a likelihood of toxic/chemical spills in your business, a Firewatch SA Hazardous Spills Kit is the answer. Our Hazardous Spill Kits are designed to control, contain and clean up unwanted spills of hazardous liquid. Created to be rapidly effective, the contents are highly absorbent, help prevent any further risk to your staff, and will also help you meet your commitments to the environment. Available in either convenient carry bags or larger wheelie bin options for mobility, the absorbents can be easily replaced if used.


First Aid Supplies

By law, every South Australian business must be First Aid Compliant, including fully stocked first aid kits. No matter the size of your business or how many first aid kits you carry, Firewatch SA stock an extensive range of first aid supplies and individual item refills.

  • Workplace Kits
  • CFS or Emergency Kits
  • Small Workplace Kits
  • Burns Modules
  • Snake Bite Kits
  • Light Leisure / Travel First Aid Packs
  • 4wd Rural Kits
  • Portable First Aid Kit Bags unique for Rural Businesses
  • Metal Cabinets for Workshops



If you’re unsure, contact us for personalised advice.