Service and Maintenance


Portable Fire Equipment

It’s no good to have firefighting equipment if it’s not up to the job. Not only do you have to achieve compliance, you also must maintain it. Australian Standards 1851. What that means it that no matter what fire protection systems you have in place, you need to take the responsibility of maintaining this equipment.

At Firewatch SA, we take the worry out of looking after your fire protection equipment. Our leading customer service scheduled maintenance program sends you reminders, updates, provide service, assets and defect records so you can get on with the more important things within your business.

And to make life even simpler for you, we can test most of your fire extinguishers on-site thanks to our fully-equipped fleet of vehicles that allow for quick and easy on-site testing — saving you $.


CO2 Testing Station

Firewatch SA in Totness, Mount Barker is the only CO2 licensed testing station in the Adelaide Hills and beyond. CO2 fire extinguisher pressure testing must occur under special conditions which may require your cylinder to be with us for up to 30 days. For your convenience, we’ll provide you with a loan cylinder while we test yours.

Firewatch SA also manage, repair, refurbish and refill fire extinguishers including – dry powder, wet chemical, foam and water.

For our beloved brewers.

We also refill CO2 Brewing Bottles or we have new bottles available for purchase in either 2.6 kg and 6kg sizes.


Fire Panel Testing and Early Warning Communications

Fire indicator panels (FIP) senses the presence of a fire by way of smoke or thermal detectors. Each detector is linked back to the panel, advising of the relevant zone in the building where the fire has been detected. If the FIP is a monitored type, the fire brigade will attend.

Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) and Occupant Warning Systems (OCS) are interconnected to either the fire detection or suppression systems to activate automatically. These systems are used to warn occupants of an emergency and assist in the evacuation of the building.


Maintenance and Installation

Firewatch SA carries out regular routine maintenance/servicing and testing of all fire panels to Australian Standards. We simplify compliance by supplying you with all the required service and test sheets and logbooks to meet Australian standards.

We also can check older buildings or assist in the design of new fire equipment requirements on commercial buildings and alterations. Firewatch SA will ensure you meet and comply with current Australian Standards while tailoring a system to suit your budget.


Fire Doors

Fire doors act to compartmentalise a fire and stop it in its tracks. As part of what’s known as passive fire protection, they can save both property and lives. They’re often found in hospitals, aged care facilities, high rise apartments and offices and must be tested every 12 months under Australian Standards. If you find one that’s not working, advise your fire maintenance team to have it fixed promptly.


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler systems are installed to buildings in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) where there is a requirement. You may have a full-time automatic fire sprinkler system, with the ability to notify the fire brigade automatically in the event of a fire. Firewatch SA provides routine service regimes which may require testing weekly or monthly, and are performed in accordance with Australian Standards 1851.3.


Smoke Detectors

Quite different from smoke alarms which are single, self-contained units, smoke detectors are sensors which are connected to a FIP. These super sensitive detectors can be the cause of false alarms and callouts and need to kept free of insects and other debris. Firewatch SA ensures your smoke detectors are kept clean as part of maintaining your FIP.

Overwhelmed? We can provide a comprehensive onsite survey to assess all your fire protection and maintenance needs in compliance to specific standards AS2444 and relevant building and industry codes.


Water Storage Tank Solutions

Rural properties and schools sometimes have large capacity water tanks designed to be utilised in the event of fire. However, just like all your other fire protection equipment, these need to be looked after and maintained so it can be relied upon if there is a fire. Firewatch SA can provide regular checks of your tank including an overall visual inspection, along with ensuring there is water in the tank (always a good idea!), the hydrant system and pumps work, hoses are in good condition, and that the tank has good clearance and is easily accessible.


Emergency Signage

Do your employees know where to go during an emergency? An employee who works in your building every day may know where every path leads and every door ends up, but an employee who works only in one area of the building or a visitor who just happens to be in your business when an emergency hits may not have a clue.

Emergency / safety compliance signage is required to comply and be maintained as part of the Building Code of Australia 2010 and Australian Standards AS2293.2 regulations. These codes dictate all aspects of signage are in place for emergencies to ensure they are accurate, highly visible and plentiful in an emergency, when they’re needed the most.

The rules and regulations can differ based on the size of the building, the age and the layout of the building, so it is important to consult with Firewatch SA for advice and installation to ensure your business is completely compliant with these regulations.


Emergency Lighting

Fully operational emergency lights and exit signs are critical in helping to guide your building occupants to safety. But functioning lights leading to a safe evacuation don’t just happen by accident.

With an increase in power outages lately and, of course, in the event of a possible fire emergency, emergency lighting is critical and requires regular testing and inspections to help keep them ready. Firewatch SA can provide maintenance services for exit and emergency lighting systems in accordance with Australian Standards 2293.2.

Emergency lighting systems are required to be certified periodically and tested by conducting a 90-minute battery power down (discharge) test. This test certifies that all your exit and emergency lights are functional and that the batteries sustain their charge for 90 minutes during a power blackout or building fire. Firewatch SA offer a full backup service where the light fittings can be tested, maintained and repaired in the field.


Electrical Testing and Tagging

To ensure the safety of their employees, and as part of their overall building safety regime, many businesses are now testing and tagging their electrical equipment.

But just what is testing and tagging? Simply put, it is the process of visually inspecting and electrically testing in-service electrical equipment for personal safety.

Ultimately, the aim of electrical test and tagging is to determine if your appliances are electrically safe for commercial or personal use. Each appliance undergoes a visual inspection for defects such as damage or missing components and several electrical tests to measure earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.

Firewatch SA can provide your business with regular quarterly, six monthly or yearly inspections of your electrical tools, appliances, power leads, extension leads and all your other workplace electrical equipment. Naturally, these essential in-service checks and testing are done in accordance with the Australia Standard; AS3760.


First Aid audits and refills

Did you know WHS regulations require that all first aid kits are checked and restocked as per the relevant State Codes of Practice for your workplace? Fortunately, the Firewatch SA team can also provide onsite checking and restocking of all first aid kits in your workplace.

We stock an extensive range of first aid kits and individual item refills.

  • Workplace Kits
  • CFS or Emergency Kits
  • Small Workplace Kits
  • Sporting Clubs Kits
  • Churches Kits
  • Light Leisure / Travel First Aid Packs
  • 4wd Rural Drive / Remote Kits
  • Portable First Aid Kit bags, specific for Rural Businesses
  • Metal Cabinets for Workshops
  • Burns Modules; and Snake Bite Kits.

And if you like, we can provide you with a regular maintenance schedule to suit your workplace practices.



If you’re unsure, contact us for personalised advice.